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Questions and Answers about transferring files and the ROES Client software:

Q. I'm using Windows 2000, it wont let me upgrade my Java to install the ROES Client, what should I do?

A. Go to and upgrade to at least service pack 2.

Q. I Don't understand how to use the ROES Client software, Is there a user manual?

A. Yes you can download it by clicking here, or going to this link

Q. I have a small tiff file that I want to send, Why can't I see it in the preview screen in the ROES client?

A. Tiff files are submittable, uncompressed, keep in mind larger tiffs will add to your upload time.

Q. I need to put my customer name on the order, where do I put this information?

A. When you review your order, there will be a checkbox under the order summary, just check that and type in your customer information, This will appear on the pages we send back with the order.

Q. How long should it take to send my order?

A. It depends on the internet service you have. If you have a 16 kilobyte upload it would take 1 MB at 1024 kilobytes (windows standard size for 1 MB)  roughly 1 and a half minutes to transfer. So if you have a 4-5 Mb file it should take about 6-7 Minutes per file. and if you have a whole package with 30 images it will take about 2 hours 15 minutes approximately with the 4-5 Mb file size.

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