Color-Tech Digital Services






              Submitting your files digitally is easy.

Simply down load our Color-Tech ROES On-Line ordering software by clicking on the ROES icon and follow the steps.  Once the Color-Tech ROES software is downloaded it will reside on your computer for continued access, even if your off-line.  A Color-Tech representative can assist you with setting your ROES account, or you can submit files immediately by using  "new" in the account information.

Using the Color-Tech on-line ROES  ordering system will reduce in-lab time and will give you many tools for cropping, adding text and other creative effects for unique custom products and pages.

 Guidelines and tips for preparing and sending your files via the Color-TECH ROES.

Jpeg files and uncompressed tiffs can be sent via ROES and can process orders up to 2 gig in size. Remember a jpeg will transfer faster than a tiff !

Keep your file names under 15 characters and avoid using symbols like <>#&*{<}>? etc.

All of your files are individually color corrected and we recommend avoiding additional  color or density changes  prior to submitting your files.  Making them look good on YOUR monitor can result in loss of information within the file and produce an inferior end result.          

Color-Tech will work with you personally to assist with calibrating your monitor to match our output devices.

If you using color management and want to embed color profiles in your files we require the sRGB color profile. This profile most closely matches the color gamut of silver halide color paper used to print digital photos.

It is not necessary  to create duplicate files for each print size submitted. Using Color-Tech's on-line ROES order system allows you to see and adjust cropping for every print size.


If you have not been successful downloading the Color-Tech ROES please contact our customer service help desk so that we can assist you.

 If you are a regular user and cannot send an order we recommend doing a Direct Launch  from our Color-Tech web page rather that your desktop icon. This will reestablish a connection or a "broken pipe error"  that may have occurred.                                 &n bsp;               

Don't worry if you have been working on an order and reach a roadblock ROES can save your incomplete order in the queue for additional options later on.